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Virtual Paper

Many years ago I was in a meeting and showed one of my managers a really interesting video.

"I love it." he said, "put it on a flyer and we'll post it out to all our customers!"

I opened my mouth to agree and then stopped, Duh.

Put a video on a piece of paper?

He enjoyed getting a laugh at my expense.

What would I give now, to find him and send him a copy of our new interactive catalogue.

None of us would have guessed back then what the future would bring.

It works for the greenies because, unlike our little squares of art it uses no paper. It’s brought my old managers vision into reality because it contains playable video right on the page!

You can click on the links and go where you want while you browse, all within pages that turn smoother than a kindle novel.

Hope you love the short form edition, you can't start a fire with it, recycle it, prop up your wonky desk leg with it but it's so 2023.

Mike & Katie Katie Phythian Design Independents, only, ever!

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