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A Coastal Escapade in Cancale – Oysters, Coffee, and Culture.

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Living and working in France creates a feeling of isolation; the division between work and leisure can be quite grey. A weekend's design and admin in our little attic studio can often be rewarded with a bout of nice weather and a drive to the beach on a Monday morning.

Late November is the perfect time to scout out those islands of sunshine as they become less and less frequent. It's outside the tourist season and yet gloriously sunny with a nip in the air. This was one of those days. Monday morning at 7 am, we jumped in the car and headed for one of our favourite spots, Cancale, about an hour's drive away.

But not before hitting Cherrueix Beach. It's a huge expanse of sand that goes on for as far as the eye can see. As expected, it was deserted as we spent a couple of hours beachcombing and working up an appetite for lunch. Cherrueix is a great place for shell collecting and is alive with molluscs of every kind.

Serene coastal panorama of Cancale, Brittany, with cliffs, pristine beaches, and the calming expanse of the English Channel, capturing the essence of this charming seaside town.

Next stop was a place we call the secret beach because we don’t know its name. It's at the bottom of a dead-end and allows for quiet walks along the rocky shoreline before we hit the main town of Cancale.

We built up an appetite and headed back to the car and off to Cancale. If you haven’t been there, it’s this quaint little town right on the sea, famous for oysters. We grabbed what we call a supermarket lunch and literally ate on the seaside wall. Most restaurants were closed for the winter.

Serene coastal panorama of Cancale, Brittany, with cliffs, pristine beaches, and the calming expanse of the English Channel, capturing the essence of this charming seaside town.

More beachcombing, fish spotting, and collecting of old broken pots. Katie has a secret collection of multicoloured pots at home.

Delectable Cancale oysters on display, showcasing their plump and succulent appeal at a local market, inviting a taste of Brittany's finest seafood.

 vibrant market scene featuring an array of freshly harvested oysters in Cancale, Brittany, showcasing the seaside town's renowned oyster culture and the abundance of this culinary delight."

Elegant display of French wines in a quaint 'cave,' showcasing the rich diversity and allure of the French wine scene

A captivating scene of exquisite red wine bottles showcased in a charming French 'cave' in Cancale, Brittany, inviting wine enthusiasts to explore the rich flavors and heritage of the region.

Colorful lobster pots neatly arranged on a bustling harbor in Cancale, Brittany, offering a glimpse into the town's maritime traditions and the vibrant palette of its fishing culture.

Artistic portrayal of fishing boats on a coastal canvas in Cancale, Brittany, capturing the essence of the town's maritime heritage through vibrant and evocative street art.

Lush greenery adorning window displays and front doors in Cancale, Brittany, creating a picturesque scene of natural beauty that enhances the charm and character of this coastal town.

Our little attic studio is constantly calling us, but we managed to resist for a day at least, and I think it did us good. Pushing the guilt to one side, we had a great day and were amply refreshed by the time we got home. The only consolation for everyone else is that, in all likelihood, we’ll be up in that studio, having fun and designing for another 9 or 10 days straight, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until the next adventure, that is.

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