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NFT Art & Greetings

Katie Phythian Design established itself as a distinctive player in the industry by designing the world’s first range of collectible NFT greeting cards. This innovation has created a new way of owning, sharing, and collecting every tiny piece of art.

What are NFTs?

We all know there's only one Mona Lisa painting, yet we see its reproductions everywhere but there can be only one true owner, regardless of how many times it's reproduced. This wasn't true for digital art until NFT technology emerged. Owning an NFT piece of art means having digital proof of ownership, akin to displaying the original on your wall.

The NFT art market once surged, with millions of dollars exchanged for individual pieces. However, seeking fun and affordability, we chose to create NFT greeting cards instead. These cards follow the same principle, allowing ownership to be shared, collected, or passed around indefinitely. With NFT greeting cards, ownership is eternally recorded on the blockchain.

How to buy NFT sign

Little Star NFT's

Step into the future of sentiments with our groundbreaking NFT greeting cards – where timeless affection meets the innovation of blockchain technology. Our collection transcends the traditional, offering over 20 unique designs, each embedded with a rotating star, bringing a cosmic touch to your expressions of love, celebration, and congratulations. These are not just cards; they are personal pieces of art, poised to become part of your loved one's digital legacy – owned, appreciated, and perhaps even passed down through generations. Perfect for the tech-savvy and the environmentally conscious, our NFT cards ensure that your special moments are captured eternally on the blockchain, never to be lost or forgotten. For every occasion, let our NFT greeting cards be the messenger of your most heartfelt feelings, a futuristic twist to the timeless tradition of giving.

The Proposal Collection

Experience the magic of proposing in the digital age with Katie Phythian's exclusive collection of 6 proposal cards, tailor-made for the Meta generation. Each card in this collection is not just a piece of art; it's a unique journey into the world of love and commitment, crafted with intricate details and personalized touches. Every artwork stands out on its own, ensuring your proposal moment is as unique as your love story.

As an enthusiast in the dynamic world of NFTs, you'll appreciate the dual charm of these cards. They're not just symbols of love; they're also a timeless investment.

Whether you choose to sell your NFT card in the future or keep it as a cherished family heirloom, its value extends beyond the digital realm. It becomes a part of your love legacy, a testament to a momentous decision made at a groundbreaking time in technology and art. Embrace the future of proposals with this one-of-a-kind collection that blends romance, art, and investment in a way never seen before.

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