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Katie phythian design studio
Katie Phythian

In a small attic room in the heart of Normandy's serene landscape, Katie Phythian enthusiastically hones the designs that will adorn her range of artistic and innovative cards and gifts.

From the outset, Katie demonstrated a deep commitment to independent retailers by vowing never to supply to big chain stores, ensuring that each item remains unique and true to its artistic roots. This principle not only shapes the business model but also ensures that her products, including hand-finished greeting cards, giftware, bags, and babywear, maintain their exclusivity and charm.

Katie Phythian Design established itself as a distinctive player in the industry by designing the world’s first range of collectible NFT greeting cards. This innovation has created a new way of owning, sharing, and collecting every tiny piece of art.

Katie is the heart and soul of the company's creations. Drawing inspiration from the laid-back rural environment of the Normandy studio, her designs reflect an artistic touch and offer customers a piece of this rustic environment.

The online platform caters to a discerning audience who value the uniqueness and quality of designer products, which are never available in high street chains.

We proudly support the Wood Street Mission through an annual challenge of cycling the Tour de France from start to finish. Watch some of our trip here.

In a world where the ordinary is often the norm, Katie Phythian Design stands out as a testament to the beauty and impact of handcrafted, artistically inspired products.

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