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Sowing the seeds of positive change

Ecstatic to unveil our thrilling collaboration with Foxglove Papers! This partnership marks a pivotal step towards sustainable creativity and eco-friendly innovations.

Photo created by Katie Phythian Design

Foxglove Papers isn't just a business; it represents a sustainable journey and a passion for revolutionizing the greeting card sector. The story originates from a team of young entrepreneurs at Oldham Hulme Grammar School, driven by a shared commitment to environmental consciousness. Their mission is rooted in sustainability, offering an innovative approach to the greeting card industry.

The Foxglove Papers team. Photo courtesy of Foxglove Papers.

Founded with the vision of transforming traditional paper into a medium of growth and beauty, Foxglove Papers specializes in eco-friendly, seeded paper products. From greeting cards to wedding invitations and promotional items, each creation is created with post-consumer recycled waste and embedded with wildflower seeds. The result? A product that not only delivers a heartfelt message but also blossoms into vibrant wildflowers when planted, attracting and supporting essential pollinators like bees, butterflies, and various beneficial insects. This simple act not only adds natural beauty but also contributes to the preservation of these vital species, fostering a healthier ecosystem. Moreover, by using materials made from post-consumer waste, this initiative actively reduces environmental impact and promotes a more sustainable approach, thus benefiting the planet as a whole.

Photo created by Nik Shuliahin Snapdragon seedlings.

The paper they use for the seeded paper greeting cards is made from 100 % Post Consumer waste recycled paper, fibres of cotton and a mix of wildflower seeds, which includes Corn Poppy, Catchfly, English Daisy, Sweet Alyssum, Spurred Snapdragon, Black-Eyed Susan.

The seed card material possesses exceptional qualities. It's not just fully biodegradable, ensuring a clean breakdown without leaving any harmful residues behind. What's even more remarkable is that it's infused with wildflower seeds. Once you've finished using the card and plant it with a little nurturing, it has the potential to blossom into a stunning array of wildflowers.

Flower meadow photo created by Stephan Eickschen

Moreover, this material is crafted entirely from post-consumer waste. It stands as a true environmental champion within the realm of printed materials.

Photo created by Owen Young

Foxglove Papers is not just a brand; it's a movement, inviting businesses and individuals to join us in sowing the seeds of positive change.

Photo courtesy of Foxglove Papers.

All the cards from their collection include a QR code directing individuals to their website, providing detailed planting instructions. Don't forget to tag them when your wildflowers bloom!

Exciting news, everyone! At Foxglove Papers, they've just launched their latest Christmas greeting card collection, and it's truly something special. This holiday season, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with the team, bringing my Potting Shed designs to life. Our new collection features a delightful range of holiday greetings, each card crafted to spread warmth and joy. With my artistic touch, I'm thrilled to say that this Christmas collection will add an extra touch of magic to your holiday wishes.

Photo created by Katie Phythian Design

Foxglove Papers' charming greeting cards are available for purchase directly through their official website. Customers can explore and buy from a diverse range of designs, including the latest Christmas collection featuring our Potting Shed designs. The website offers a user-friendly platform for selecting and ordering these beautifully crafted cards, providing a convenient and seamless shopping experience. With just a few clicks, customers can have these unique greetings delivered right to their doorstep, ready to spread joy and warmth to family and friends.

Katie xx

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