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The Katie Sark

During the first lockdown we started fooling around with paper models. My first attempt was a very credible Notre Dame Cathedral. I set myself a challenge of mailing it to the UK (we are in France) and thanks to @royalmail it arrived in perfect condition.

My next project was the Cutty Sark. Because we were in the first lockdown the printer was running low on ink and we ended up with a pink hull which I thought looked kinda cute. Then I had an idea! How would it look with sails made of Katies repeat greeting card patterns? Of course this meant cutting every sail twice but it was worth it.

Well here it is finished, and I don’t know what to do with it?

I’m not posting this one out.

However I did have time to launch her and rename her the KATIE SARK !!

The phrase ’too much time on your hands’ comes to mind.

However, I think that once again I’ve been an inspiration to Katie because she is about to launch a range of fabrics using some of these very patterns.

They look amazing and I’m sure you’ll find better uses for them than me!

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