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Springing forward

Is there ever a good time to have a baby?

Designing greeting cards follows the seasons. Christmas and Spring being the highlights in a relentless cycle that takes place year after year. Pulling together Spring samples for a team of agents and designing Christmas is no time for a complete restructuring of our distribution, not to mention launching an exciting range of licensed baby wear. But then again, why not?

We will soon be finalising our baby wear range in association with one of the U.K's leading brands and we can't wait for you to see it. It's probably not the best time considering everything else going on but we just can't resist.

So amidst the usual pressures of design we also set about calling our stock home from our fulfilment centre. They have done an amazing job for us it was nice to finally get our hands on it. All we had to do now was rack out a warehouse, move power points and phones, switch offices and organise picking and packing. In between time Katie has been busy painting and drawing for the next range of designs. There have been a lot of late nights but it’s satisfying to pick and pack our own orders. It leaves room for what we love most about being in the business. Popping a little note in the box to say thanks, a few sample packs or just a quick note to say hello. As we grow we are not ignorant to the fact that will be a little more difficult, but we are going to hang on to that sentiment for dear life. As the mist clears we are starting to see how it was all worth it. The feedback from our customers has been almost instantaneous and that’s hardly surprising. Thanks for staying with us through this disruption but we think if you noticed anything it’s a more personal service and prompter deliveries. All growing business's are going to face that trade off between the personal connection and a bigger efficient service and we're ready to fight tooth and nail till the last little note or sneaky chocolate in a box.

So thanks to everyone of our customers for your support. We supply independent shops only, EVER and that’s why we love what we do.

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