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2 Days to go!

The Epic Journey of Tour de France 2023: Bilbao to Paris 🚴♂️🚴♀️🎒

People are often curious about the logistics behind our Tour de France cycle ride? It's not your typical tour cycling experience. The route is determined by the official Tour de France, for the past eight years we show up at the starting line and pedal our way to Paris.

From mountain passes to dense forests and even treacherous suburbs, we've encountered them all. Not to mention the unexpected occurrences like flash floods, scorching heat waves, and torrential rain that have tested our mettle.

We travel light, carrying only the essentials in our two bags. Since we utilize lightweight racing bikes, we have limited space to work with, and the key is to minimize weight as much as possible. This means making certain sacrifices but reaping the rewards of relatively better speed.

To sustain ourselves throughout the journey, we either carry provisions or purchase them along the way. We've had our fair share of memorable meals in unlikely places like supermarket parking lots or farmers' barns. As for our clothes, we wash and dry them on the go, resulting in our tour pictures showcasing the chosen 'civilian outfit' of that particular year.

Equipped with basic tools for minor repairs, we've encountered some interesting situations. I recall a time when a French gentleman in a dumper truck kindly transported me to a bicycle shop due to roadworks. Though limited by my French language skills, we managed to communicate and get the necessary assistance.

In this day and age, we've adapted by carrying essential technology such as battery packs, phones, and even a small drone to navigate our journey efficiently.

Year after year, we bring our gear to the starting line and set our sights on Paris. With newfound flexibility, we now book our accommodations on the day itself, allowing us to make adjustments for any knee or back discomfort that may arise.

If there's one lesson we've learned in eight years, it's that the human body weakens with each passing day of the ride. Nevertheless, we persist, pushing through the pain during those final days to reach our destination, no matter what.

When all is said and done, the memories overshadow any temporary pain we endure along the way. It's these memories that truly make the journey worthwhile.

Follow us here and we'll keep you up to speed with progress and daily updates.

And let's not forget, this adventure has always been about supporting our favorite charity, #WoodStreetMission. Learn more at

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