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NFT Supercard arrives

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A non fungible token is a way to own, buy and sell digital artwork within the blockchain similar to the crypto currency set up. This will be a game changer with artworks changing hands for hundreds of thousands of dollars regularly.

I'd been playing around with the idea of what I called a 'supercard' for about five or six years. This was going to be a physical product and I'd sketched ideas and contracted some drawings for my design. It was going to be the 'Faberge' or 'Pateke Philippe' of greeting cards and it occupied many a fun evening for me.

After years of sketching and talking to craftsmen the idea came closer. In fact the project was well under way when NFT's hit the headlines. They changed everything as far as the project was concerned.

NFT's offered the opportunity to take the art in creating a greeting card to another level. I scrapped the physical product and commissioned a 3 dimensional digital representation of an exclusive card from the 'Renaissance' range.

Once the programmer had done his work the Supercard was born. We developed 6 different designs in the range, all with unique variations and then added our secret sauce. Each one was 'minted' into an NFT on the blockchain and will be on sale through January 2022.

The gold card, although with a reserve of £50,000 offers a £20,000 rebate credit to a jeweller allocated by the buyer. This means they are also buying a part of their new engagement ring or a gift for their spouse. The card itself can be sold back into the market, held by the couple either for future children as a heirloom or re invested whenever they see fit.

The digital NFT Supercard has multiple uses and offers a proposal for the 21st century that will seldom be matched.

As it exists online for others to enjoy, its NFT status will ensure it only ever has one true owner.

'Will you be my forever?'

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