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Nice to Paris 2020

The Covid thing has had quite an impact on us all. Naturally we all focus on our own industry. A couple of weeks ago we left a relatively deserted Paris. Empty vending machines, parking spaces and landmarks devoid of tourists.

Two weeks later and it’s no different.

As we cycled across France there are what looks like miles of abandoned crops. We are usually here on July with the sunflower fields in full bloom.

These brown fields would usually be bright yellow with ripe corn and flower heads waving in the breeze. Instead they seem to be left to the elements to degrade back into the soil.

Maybe they were either not needed or there were no workers to harvest them.

No doubt they will at least be good for the soil for next year.

If I were some kind of philosopher I could probably do something with that, but I’m not.

Tourist centres, farmers, bakers and candlestick makers, Stay safe. #covid19 #staysafe #vivafrance

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