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Mobile Mostly

It's commonly understood now that most web traffic will come from a mobile device. Historically the mobile website would be designed for a different experience. Mobile users might be more concerned with finding us such as a delivery driver or rep. Maybe even offering a general overview of our work, registration for a newsletter or blog post. Not anymore. We're told our customers, who are busy running small businesses are happier to work from an iPad or tablet. This means they expect more from a mobile website. They want to see new products or online ordering made easy. It's a whole new ballgame.

After talking to our web designers it was clear that there was a higher demand for mobile services.

The result is a new enhanced mobile site which will indeed offer directions for those on the road but much more. Potential new stockists and existing users can now contact us directly with one click, either by voice or email message. Our online shop is now one click away and is mobile friendly too, meaning you can still track and place orders, take a peak at new products and order on line. Don’t forget if you found us on mobile you can see all our designs in glorious technicolour on the big screen via your desktop. All your online orders no matter how you place them are always credited to your agent.

So with 48 hour delivery as standard there’s no need to wait till you get home before placing tomorrows order.

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