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Le Tour De France 2021

Yet again we are cycling the Tour De France start to finish, this year we expect to do around 750Km between Brest in Brittany and Paris.

The ride is totally unsupported so we need to compress our entire supplies into these tiny bags and hit the road.

First we have to get to the start line, which means a 50Km ride to the station in Fougeres. Bikes need to be wrapped on French trains so as usual we have made our own bike bags so they can be disposed of once we leave the train.

This year is very different in that the entire ride is in France so we get to stay a night at home as we pass through our little French village.

We will leave Brest on the 25th, a day before the official tour so that we can meet them again as they pass through St Breiuc on the 27th.

The next day we will be back on our bikes and heading to Paris ourselves. We cycle from bed to bed without support so here comes another two weeks of lunches on supermarket carparks, unplanned mountains, deviant weather and flat tyres. Always an adventure and one of our favourite sayings has tended to be,

“If you knew in the morning what the day would bring, you wouldn’t have got out of bed.”

We cycle the Tour De France from start to finish to help promote @woodstreetmission and the amazing work they do. Although we love the challenge we no longer do sponsorship. But they would love your help. They are at

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