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It's Spring Again

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Let's sing again.

It's Spring again in the card industry it comes round faster than Christmas. This is even ore apparent to the card publishers who are always working a year ahead. By the time most of us have finished sending and receiving Christmas cards the publishers are designing them for the following year.

So as our Spring samples hit the shops we thought we'd add a little leap with our online offer and it's proving very popular indeed. If you haven't seen it there's still time.

The offer applies to all online orders that contain products from our Spring Range. For every carriage paid order that meets the requirements we will include two packs of cards of your choice. We think this little offer could be worth up to £40.00 in retail value.

If you'r not already ordering online and you have an account then its super easy to do so. Your online account already exists and can be activated in a single click. No form filling and no life story, just click and create a password and you're in.

The great thing about ordering online is that it's the first port of call for our lates ranges so your always first to see them. You can also track your order, make changes or contact us 24 hours a day.

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