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Day Two - Morlaix to St Breuic

If yesterday was damp then today was both wet and hilly. Some big climbs in the morning were energy sapping. Around lunchtime there was a break in the weather and a chance to visit the village agriculture fair. As two strangers we received some looks of suspicion.

By the afternoon the weather turned against us. Salvation came at the sight of a Mc Donald’s, not being fans under normal circumstances the coffee and chips were divine.

After that there is a noticeable lack of footage, however we arrived at the hotel worse for wear, literally! Everything we wore and everything in the bags soaked.

A full day off tomorrow as we watch the Tour De France for real.

We cycle the Tour De France from start to finish every year to help promote @woodstreetmission and the amazing work they do. Although we love the challenge we no longer do sponsorship. But they would love your help. They are at

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