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Toast to another year of shared joy with our 'Bubbly Bliss' Anniversary Card. This card pops with a playful sketch of a champagne bottle and glasses, ready to clink in celebration. Splashes of color and floating hearts create a festive atmosphere, capturing the spirit of togetherness. It's a perfect choice for the couple who loves to celebrate their milestones with a sparkle. Pour your words of love and congratulations into this card, and let the happy couple know they're the perfect blend of fun and affection.


#AnniversaryCheers #ChampagneCard #CelebrationGreeting #HappyAnniversary #AnniversaryToast


Material: glossy paperboard
Size: 5″ × 7″ (127 × 178 mm)
• Toner-based printing
• Vibrant colors
• Comes with an white envelope

'Bubbly Bliss' Anniversary Card.

SKU: 65954C1979406_14458
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