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Mark the significance of 21 with our celebratory 21st birthday card, a symbol of newfound horizons. With its vibrant design, sparkling stars, and a warm 'With Love' inscription, this card captures the essence of celebration. It's a delightful nod to the joys of turning 21, making it an ideal keepsake for this milestone birthday. Joyous, elegant, and bursting with color, it's the perfect memento for a day of laughter, life, and endless possibilities.


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Material: glossy paperboard

Size: 5″ × 7″ (127 × 178 mm)

• Toner-based printing

• Vibrant colors

• Comes with a complimentary envelope

Celebratory 21st Birthday Card - Key to the Door - gifts

SKU: 65BA56198B884_14458
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