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Tiger is a 9 year old whose art is on sale in support of those affected by the U.S. Government shutdown. Katie Phythian are exclusive UK distributors for his greeting cards available to all trade customers. His original artwork is available below.


Love Trumps Hate.

A range of 145 x 145 greeting cards. Love Trumps Hate shows that we may all be different but love brings us together. 

Tiger Blaylock card TB01

Don't Kill and Don't Be Killed.

A range of 145 x 145 greeting cards. First rule to life: Don't kill and don't be killed. Inspired by Undertale. What looks kind and friendly is not always what you think and what looks like an enemy may be the one you love.


Always Use Mercy.

A range of 145 x 145 greeting cards. In life we all have a choice in the way we treat others but when given the choice to destroy or forgive, always use mercy.


Electric Whale, Elhaw.

A range of 145 x 145 greeting cards. Elhaw is an electric whale. Electric whales are almost extinct but are very important for the weather. They control the storms, hurricanes, tornados, snow, and rain. They are important to the earth's atmosphere but very few have been seen lately. They hide from hunters.

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