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6 years together

It’s been 6 years since I decided to produce my own designs and I’d never have dreamed where we would be by 2022. I left a large card publisher where I would often experience the frustration felt by independent shops when competing with the multiples. When I finally decided to set up my own card design business I realised there was a strong irony I had to overcome.

My business was never going to succeed without the support of independent shops in the early days so would it be possible to stay with them forever?

So I decided to make a commitment from the day I started to only EVER supply our greeting cards through independents. Of course we were told it was naive and that we wouldn’t survive without one day courting the multiples.
But we didn’t make the commitment for any other reason than it felt right, it felt like us. Underlying it all was the feeling that the support might be reciprocal. We had no way of knowing how this would work out but now I think we do know.
Our customers have shown such immense support over the years and have continued to stock our products throughout the last 6 years. At the same time I go to bed knowing they won’t be walking into a local chain to find our products at a lower price. So far we have been absolutely right in our commitment and we know we can do this! I'll keep offering you the best hand finished art in little squares whilst you keep flying the independent flag.
Thank you all for your incredible support and let’s hope it continues.
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