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Greeting Cards

At  Katie Phythian Design we offer a huge selection of hand finished, British made greeting cards. Only ever available exclusively to independent gift & card retailers.


Renaissance Deluxe

The Renaissance Deluxe range is our largest card range. It’s the opulent cousin of our Renaissance. On one of our annual long distance cycling trips we went to the Palace Versailles . It was a huge inspiration with garlands of gold, high ceilings and gilded ballrooms. A step back in time to another time and place, something the French have always been good at. Our designs are normally illustrative and so by comparison these are very luxurious.

Size 220 X 220mm
26 designs


Renaissance is the modern cousin of the Deluxe collection full of relaxed elegance. Beautiful illustrations made up of watercolours, hand-drawn icons and botanical elements, embellished with irridescent gems and ivory pearls. The result is simply beautiful. A joy to send and receive alike. It was because these were so popular that we finally went bigger in 2022 with the Deluxe range.

Size 165 X 165mm

119 designs


Paintbox is the signature range for our designs and sits at the centre of everything we do. Hand painted with additional drawing once the painting is digitised. Each card is printed and hand-finished with sparkling coloured gems in the UK. Every year I have to reject so many because I’m just bursting with ideas. The ones that remain are my favourites. Aside from our extensive everyday range we also produce large Christmas and Spring collections in this style.


Size 145 X 145mm

153 designs 

Le Petit Collage

Amy has been one of my favourite designers for a long time. Her intricate and whimsical drawing style is good enough to eat. Amy's work is sought after the world over. I was over the moon when she agreed to produce a limited edition range for us. Le Petit Collage was born from inspiration from our french life and Amy's collage and painted elements combined. The result is a magical otherworldly creation. We know that you love Le Petit Collage because there have been so many requests for more designs. 

Size 145 X 145mm
15 designs

Little Star

The Little Star range is one of my favourites and yet the most challenging which is probably why they’re so popular. Every single card has a foil star that occupies an identical position. It makes me smile to think I made the stars look like a natural part of every design. My challenge is to draw illustrations that work around the foiling. The star appears on footballs, balloons and drink stirrers but always appears as part of the range. Our seasonal ranges follow the same principle but with a different shape and coloured foil.

Size 130 X 130mm
93 designs

Only ever stocked in independent shops

"Working for a large publisher I saw first hand the frustration felt by independent shops when competing with the big chains. Upon launching my own publishing company I committed to make our greeting cards exclusive to independent shops, forever."
Independents shops only, EVER.
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